Walter Hawthorne

Basic Information
Gender: Male
Family: Jean Hawthorne (wife)
Sadie Hawthorne (daughter)
Hal Hawthorne (son)
First Appearance: Right-Minded
Last Appearance: In or Out of Africa
Played by: Richard Clarkin

Walter Hawthorne, Sadie's dad, is an engineer. He's a straight-shooting, exacting doer who can build things with tools and bake complicated cakes that require precise measurements, but who can't throw a meal together without a recipe.

Walter is precise in everything he does and is, in many ways, the polar opposite of messy, think-outside-the-box Jean. Sadie ponders this "opposites attracting" thing a lot, wondering at nature's grand design, not because her parents' relationship doesn't work, but rather because somehow, miraculously, it does. He enjoys playing 'Merlins and Magicians.'


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